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Valentino's Philippine Screening

It’s been months, but success of the Valentino screenings in Manila, Davao, and Cebu lingers. The denizens of Manila’s fashionable set came in full force to watch the film of iconic Valentino. First to arrive at the pre-show cocktails was no less than national Artist for Fashion Design, Pitoy Moreno a Philippine fashion icon himself.

To give you a backgrounder, Pitoy’s spectacular career that has reached its golden years, has made an indelible mark in fashion industry. The beautiful embroidery, exquisite beadwork, and luxurious hand paintings of his highly praised collections have been toured around the globe: from Malaysia to Moscow, Japan to Paris and Bangkok to Barcelona.

Ramon Valera, the first Filipino fashion designer to be given the recognition of National Artist, created the butterfly sleeves of the Terno today, but it is Pitoy Moreno who made the country proud with his introduction of Filipiniana silhouettes and styles, and the words jusi, piƱa and lepanto to mainstream fashion through his international shows and clientele.