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Style-Spotting @ Japan Fashion Week 2010 

(Part IV)

I saved the best for last---this is the ultimate installment of your jotter’s style – spottings @ Japan Fashion Week.

Meeting this unassuming designer was worth the unmanageably hectic schedule and the flight anxiety one had to go through.

I wore my favorite gold trainers that he designed for Puma and congratulated him after the show for designing the best Fall-Winter 2010, collection on the Tokyo runway.

Every piece that came out was polished and esthetically appealing.

The soft, suede boots that the girls wore draped around the shin and ankles looked beautiful with their short sack skirts. 
The extra long cable knit for men elongated the look of lean wool pants and washed chambray shirts. 
A wool jacket with large shawl collar worn over a beaded vest, grey chiffon shirt, ikat-print shorts and deep brown combat boots makes for a youthful winter. 
The open knit-work on dresses, tunics, and pants gave garments a poetic, disheveled appeal that complimented the girls’ hair and makeup. 

Yasuhiro is indeed an artist;
 his chosen medium is fashion.

Style Spotting @ japan Fashion Week 2010 
(Part III)

Third installment of your jotter's recent style spotting @Japan Fashion Week. 
These are the best Japanese collections for Fall-Winter 2010.


Style Spotting @ japan Fashion Week 2010 
(Part II)

Here's the second installment of your jotter's style spotting @Japan Fashion Week recently. 
These are the best Japanese collections for Fall-Winter 2010.


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