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almost a wrap

i'm done with metrowear gala.
your blogger was second to present the clothes, which was just perfect since it meant that i could dress the models and then run out from backstage to watch the show soon after I had final-checked the clothes and accessories.

the night before the show, during dress rehearsals, someone from abs-cbn asked what the viewers should expect from my atelier this summer.

“this summer, my designs are, as always, very quiet. These are clothes that whisper elegance...”

thanks to my friend Tere Whymark, i am able to post these photos she took of the event.

the last fashion to-do this year is on the 12th of December. after "haute cuisine + haute couture," it's a wrap.

lull before the...

Gil, designer Arcy Gayatin, Edwin Ao and Cybill

I just had breakfast with my peers at the Heat, EDSA Shangri-la. Had loads of fun with Metro Magazine's editor-in-chief Katrina Holigores and Metro Soceity’s Raul Manzano. How pleasant katrina is and how handsome raul is in the mornings. This was fun time for your blogger, tonight can be chaos.

We were joined by Cebu designers protacio, marichu and ren for more laughs and more fun. There are actually more cebu designers than manila designers showing tonight; 11 to 8 respectively.

Katrina and Raul loved the camaraderie among the participants while we love how they take care of us (unlike some organizers who seemingly think that designers from outside of Manila are second rate)

 Keeping my fingers on my mala beads, I ideate on a successful presentation tonight. Hopefully, all my friends and some of you valued reader will be there to show some love.

...this is the proverbial lull before the storm

Are Diamonds Forever?

a faceted, stealthy back

stunning aesthetics meet unrivalled innovation in HTC Touch Diamond.  this 110 gram ultra sleek and stylish smart phone raises the bar in mobile communication, while retaining stark simplicity and elegant beauty at its core.

sleek front with animated phonebook

2.8-inch large touch screen housed within a stunning formation of brushed steel and flawless faceted edges echoes the durability and elegance of its precious namesake.  the touch-responsive user interface, TouchFLO™ 3D, makes your messages, list of contacts, favourite music, videos and photos not just an ordinary and uninspired line of text. With this feature, text messages, album artwork, video stills and snapshots of your friends’ and family’s faces are animated and easily respond to your finger gestures.

black is always beautiful

this phone uses Windows Mobile 6.1, has a 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera, a 4GB internal storage for your files but what I like most about this phone are its ultra-fast wifi, HSDPA internet connectivity and its customized YouTube application for a variety of user generated video content. 

your blogger rates this phone with eight and a half black grosgrain ribbons out of ten but one question remains: are all diamonds really forever?

5-minute post

i have exactly 5 minutes to make this post and given the snail speed connection that I have, I doubt if I’ll make it…

brocade coat

these are sketches for the Metrowear Gala that this blogger will be presenting with other Manila and Cebu designers. i have started making the half-scale toile (mock up in muslin) and have worked on a life-size one for a client who will be wearing her dress this Saturday for the Inquirer Fitness Fashion gala at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel ballroom.

fluid, sculptural pieces

i’m hoping that she will allow me to photograph her so that i can post both the toile and the actual finished dress.

has it been five minutes already? i hope so, because i gotta go…

B R A V O ! R A J O

indigo taffeta and stretch tulle drape dress

Rajo Laurel’s tried his hand on draping and successfully came up with a  deluxe collection for his solo show at the second season of Fashion Watch Quartet. His prĂȘt-a-porter collection for the holidays was noticeably unembellished and appealingly wearable. Marked by sensual fluidity which allows ease of movement and tasteful opulence. His clothes are sure sellers.

beetroot chiffon top, plum ball skirt

These dresses are choice picks from said collection. The indigo draped taffeta with chiffon sleeves is exquisite and the belted silver grey silk top with ribbed charcoal knit skirt is uncompromisingly chic. The bronze taffeta cowl-necked shift is sculpture-in-motion while the beetroot tank with embroidered bra and plum taffeta skirt is perfect for galas.

silk-satin toga

“I took inspiration from my old geometry notebook. Off the body, these clothes form rectangles, ellipses and triangles,” Rajo revealed.

rajo laurel

Rajo’s enthusiasm and friendliness is always endearing thus your jotter was one of the first to congratulate him when he won the much coveted Ernst and Young, SGV Small Business Enterpreneur award in 2007. To date, he is the only fashion designer who has been given such recognition. This collection, once again, proves that Rajo has found perfect balance between creativity and saleability in his clothes. 

draped silk-satin top, bondage skirt

Bravo Rajo.