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B R A V O ! R A J O

indigo taffeta and stretch tulle drape dress

Rajo Laurel’s tried his hand on draping and successfully came up with a  deluxe collection for his solo show at the second season of Fashion Watch Quartet. His prêt-a-porter collection for the holidays was noticeably unembellished and appealingly wearable. Marked by sensual fluidity which allows ease of movement and tasteful opulence. His clothes are sure sellers.

beetroot chiffon top, plum ball skirt

These dresses are choice picks from said collection. The indigo draped taffeta with chiffon sleeves is exquisite and the belted silver grey silk top with ribbed charcoal knit skirt is uncompromisingly chic. The bronze taffeta cowl-necked shift is sculpture-in-motion while the beetroot tank with embroidered bra and plum taffeta skirt is perfect for galas.

silk-satin toga

“I took inspiration from my old geometry notebook. Off the body, these clothes form rectangles, ellipses and triangles,” Rajo revealed.

rajo laurel

Rajo’s enthusiasm and friendliness is always endearing thus your jotter was one of the first to congratulate him when he won the much coveted Ernst and Young, SGV Small Business Enterpreneur award in 2007. To date, he is the only fashion designer who has been given such recognition. This collection, once again, proves that Rajo has found perfect balance between creativity and saleability in his clothes. 

draped silk-satin top, bondage skirt

Bravo Rajo.


McBilly said...

Hi Oj! =] How are you? Wow. I've actually heard of Rajo Laurel's name several times but thats the first time I saw his face. Great shots of the dresses too Oj! =]

Anonymous said...

Fantastic site, I hadn't noticed ojhoferjottings.blogspot.com before in my searches!
Keep up the good work!