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designer, martial artist,

and these are my jottings...

almost a wrap

i'm done with metrowear gala.
your blogger was second to present the clothes, which was just perfect since it meant that i could dress the models and then run out from backstage to watch the show soon after I had final-checked the clothes and accessories.

the night before the show, during dress rehearsals, someone from abs-cbn asked what the viewers should expect from my atelier this summer.

“this summer, my designs are, as always, very quiet. These are clothes that whisper elegance...”

thanks to my friend Tere Whymark, i am able to post these photos she took of the event.

the last fashion to-do this year is on the 12th of December. after "haute cuisine + haute couture," it's a wrap.


MISSHA said...

I really like the clothes!!! seems to me you have really come into your own, very sellable, very wearable, and nice shapes...You ARE the new Yves Saint Laurent...and don't let any lame, trying to be "cutting edge" "designer" (if you could call it that) tell you otherwise.

oj hofer said...

@ missha: merci coming from a jaded, New York fashionphyle such as you, that's a generous compliment.

Timmy Ang said...