long live olive

i am giriish

painter, writer,
designer, martial artist,

and these are my jottings...

           if i
…were to host dinner for other parents from my kids’ PTA, I wouldn’t brag about the cost of my Birkin. Especially if one of the parents know that I haven’t settled a million-peso debt with one of Cebu City’s high profile designers.  Would some really just go broke for a Birkin?

...were throwing dinners at my private abode I wouldn’t be brazen when inviting guests over to my powder room. One stylish hostess called the girls in for some white truffles leaving a chocoholic guest feeling bad. 
He was clueless that the post-dinner dessert had absolutely no chocolate content.

Chic Chihuahuas

my pet DHARMA with Kate's pink collar

If diamonds are a girl’s best friends and dogs are man’s best friends, then what are pets with crystal collars to us?