long live olive

i am giriish

painter, writer,
designer, martial artist,

and these are my jottings...

           if i
…were to host dinner for other parents from my kids’ PTA, I wouldn’t brag about the cost of my Birkin. Especially if one of the parents know that I haven’t settled a million-peso debt with one of Cebu City’s high profile designers.  Would some really just go broke for a Birkin?

...were throwing dinners at my private abode I wouldn’t be brazen when inviting guests over to my powder room. One stylish hostess called the girls in for some white truffles leaving a chocoholic guest feeling bad. 
He was clueless that the post-dinner dessert had absolutely no chocolate content.

...were to make myself more accessible to a wider clientele i’d open a shop along A.S. Fortuna just like Cebu’s foremost female designer, Arcy Gayatin, whose photo appears on the left. 

The structure, which her sister designed, pays homage to Le Corbusier while the lush garden that softens the modernist facade was landscaped by her mom. 

More people in Cebu and travelers from this country's fashion capital can now see her much-copied designs.