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Style Spotting @ japan Fashion Week 2010 
(Part II)

Here's the second installment of your jotter's style spotting @Japan Fashion Week recently. 
These are the best Japanese collections for Fall-Winter 2010.


Unconventional, Non-conformist, Exhilirating...

A pink bunny mascot playing with the audience before the live, blaring music started turned out to be the designer @ curtain call.  Menswear and accessories from this house is street-smart-fabulous while women’s fur were too macabre.

Piece by piece, out came the most exciting men’s clothes from JFW2010: a gray nylon sports jacket completely covered with large paillettes;  a long fatigue coat with funny patches and leg-of-mutton-like sleeves worn with a drape-y white tank top and skinny canvas jeans; a distressed light grey sweater layered under a shearling-lined fitted suede and bomber jacket. 

Must-have are the black patent leather high tops and a black stole with exaggerated tassels.