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glamour on high gear

girls with the Jaguar Roadster 

last friday, this blogger headed for SM city cebu for the grand lauching of THE NORTHWING via GEARS & GLAMOUR-a show featuring rare car collections of the PERFORMANCE & CLASSIC CAR ENTHUSIASTS CEBU and clothes by FASHION COUNCIL of CEBU. there were cocktails @ the atrium before the unveiling of cars and clothes. 

this blogger's velvet dresses

participating designers were asked to design clothes inspired by the cars and films where the cars came out. i was assigned to echo in my design, kenneth cobonpue's 1961 Jaguar  E-Type Roadster which is billed s “the most beautiful car in existence.” unfortunately, the film where it was featured isn’t the most beautiful film in existence, much worse, i have not seen any of the austin powers series. admittedly thus,  although this film tops most people’s list of funniest films , i remain clueless.

maria callas "la divina"

i focused instead on my favorite tragic heroine (i named my last pet DIDI after her) who remained an unchallenged star throughout the 1960’s, Maria Callas otherwise known as "La Divina". I imagined this diva on in the roadster, decked out in a simple velvet dress. 

la divina's unique voice, as well as her moods and the scandals, kept her name in the headlines throughout the 60’s. Many women saw in Callas a role model, because she had transformed herself from an overweight, ugly duckling into a beautiful, black swan and, as a reward, she had won shipping magnate aristotle onassis as her life companion. Yet, it was he whom she lost so publicly in 1968 when he suddenly married Kennedy’s widow Jackie ending the  greek romance. Onassis left Callas with a generous legacy in his will, but that was not enough to make her happy. Callas died at the age of 53 in Paris, reputedly from a broken heart. 

Enough with tragedy... here's what makes life exciting!

the cutest car owners:

glen socco with his porsche spyder

kenneth cobonpue with his porsche 356 convertible

and the best designed clothes:     

cary santiago

arcy gayatin 

jun escario 

vania romoff


E said...

why is one model wearing arbee's feathery hear dress? (or is it a hat?) lolz!

Nice dress oj! but we can't see the front..Nice models! yumy! are they all cebuana? Cebu has the wealthiest peeps in the Phils....

James said...

I like how Cary Santiago's creations look glamorously gothic. Meanwhile, your gray dress looks fantastic.

McBilly said...

Oh wow! Lovely Oj! I sure wished I could have dropped by this Car and Clothes expo. The clothes are class and glamorous! And the Porche spyder looks to die for!

Oh, and I linked you to in my blog. Thank you very much sir Oj! You are a great sifu. =]

oj hofer said...

@ e , yes that's rb's hat and yes i think he looks far better on him than on the girls. lol

@ james , thanks, it's deceivingly simple considering that velvet is the hardest fabric to work with. it required a special "needle board" which is barely 8x4 inchesfor ironing.

@ mcbilly , you are a precious student. The Spyder is the car that James Dean fatally crashed in.