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fits like a T

Thin is always in and the new Sony Ericsson T700 sports an ultra-thin slick stick design with premium metal finish. With its 3.2 megapixel camera, you can snap clear shots of anything and share them with your friends via your blog or web page. That means I could instantly send photos of behind-the-scene shots during fashion shows and you, valued readers catch glimpses of rare backstage photos from a fashion insider’s perspective.

High quality stereo speakers let you share your music with friends plus the color matched headset coordinates accessories with the phone and mine is in a matte, deep red hue that multiplies the chic and style factors exponentially.

I love how I can slip my 10mm, 78 gram, sleek handset in the pockets of my stretch khakis, how I can easily edit and add effects to photos with the PhotoDJ application, and how clean and clear the keypad layout and navigation pad are despite the small size. What I loved most about this simple, mainstream market, fashion phone though is its “Sequinity” theme. My animated screeensaver displayed a Christmas tree of sequins in December, double happiness Chinese characters for the new year and abstract hearts for February. Now i wonder if i'll get bows and an easter bunny next.

I like the T700 for its elegance and functionality, it fits me like a T. I’m giving this phone eight red grosgrain ribbons a la mode.


Anonymous said...

hi oj! been following your blog. musta? how much is the sony ericsson T700?

thanks! ingats!


oj hofer said...

hi belle,

the T700 costs Php 11,000.00 at my favorite gadget store e-central :)