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i am giriish

painter, writer,
designer, martial artist,

and these are my jottings...

a mimosa named kris

I made this dress in white silk/pineapple blend for Miss Cebu 2009, Kris Janson at the Santacruzan, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel. Initially, I thought the frock would be too transparent however, the diaphanous quality of the material made the exposed darts and skeletal construction look rather interesting. Lining the dress with nude corset and skirt made it perfectly ethereal. While most of the other Sagalas were encumbered by their elaborate gowns, kris moved around effortlessly and elegantly.

"This is really lovely on kris. Hmmmmm, however, this would need a thousand more origami mimosas if misha were to wear it in New York," were my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

the gown was beautiful and showcased once more ur intelligence as an artist... designing with the wearer in mind...NOT to make a statement.... ive always admired ur "nothing-to-prove" design approach...more power oj!

Anonymous said...

your interpretation of the terno using indigenous material/fabric made the it all the more patriotic.

iconoclasts said...

as always, i love this!:p
ur really a master,oj!;)

Misha said...

hahahaahaaa! That's right even my hairdo will have butterflies if I wore this terno.