long live olive

i am giriish

painter, writer,
designer, martial artist,

and these are my jottings...

 if i

…were seated at an intimate dinner for eight hosted by the president’s designer, would I mince words at how ghastly one lady looked at fashion magazine’s event in Manila? 

During one dinner at a designer’s Alabang abode a male model-turned-designer almost choked on his kebab when the only female guest who comes from the culturati set made a cutting comment about what a ruffle –and-embellishment-loving, old-world manila socialite wore.  Apparently, he designed clothes for that lady and that particular dress was his.

…were to name the three best designers in the Philippines now, which one’s would they be? First on my list is Inno Sotto for impeccable taste and refined craftsmanship. He has the right clients and clout.  Second would be Pepito Albert for innovation, unfailing sense of balance and good proportion in clothes. He is the most exclusive and refuses to make clothes for more than ten of his closest clients. Third would be Jojie Lloren for his peerless technique and cerebral approach to fashion. He is the most unassuming and most fun to be with.

…were to name the top three in Cebu, it would have to be Philip Rodriguez, Arcy Gayatin and Cary Santiago. Now if Jun Escario (shown in photo) were half the time here in Cebu, he would make it in this short list. One just has to mention this endearing designer friend after he declared one intoxicated evening that any list without his name in it is a B-list.  

Cheers ! 


E said...

oj, by far your my favorite not because your a friend but because your pants ARE SO F-ing TO DIE FOR!!!! I swear! And I don't even wear pants?!? Its crazy!!!

Carissa said...

Hi Oj,

I love your blog! What a great read, keep it up.

Best regards,

toxic disco boy said...

hahahaha. that was funny. i wonder who that was.