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Taking Tartines @ PQ on 5th

Emmanuel Hamoy, a close friend who was one of Cebu’s best designers before he relocated to the States fifteen years ago is looking like a native 5th Avenue New Yorker these days. His characteristic all-black, luxe wardrobe beautifully sets off the refined speech and gestures.

On my second visit to the Blanc de Chine Flagship Store at 673 Fifth Avenue, an ultra-chic store which he co manages, he found time to spend a quick coffee break with this jotter at a very charming Belgian bakery chain.

PQ or Le Pain Quotidien, which roughly translates to "daily bread," at 7 East, 53rd Street, between Madison and 5th Avenue had homey furniture and a large, communal table that’s made entirely of reclaimed wood; thus the rotting, earthy feel. The “boulangerie” boasts of organic stone ground flour, kneaded and shaped by hand and baked in a hearth under the watchful eye of artisan bakers. The “patiserrie” features finely crafted, freshly baked delectable pastries but unfortunately, they ran out of “pain au chocolat,” which is a must-indulge, according to Hamoy.

I had a Ricotta Tartine (open-face sandwich) and hot chocolate as we proceeded to catch up on each other’s lives and got lost in animated conversation on what’s happening in Cebu.

"So who's in your it-list these days?" Emanuel started.