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centennial sketches

we had a centennial show for U.P. last weekend here in Cebu and guess who graced the occasion?

backstage @ UP Centennial Show

the Oblation incarnate ...

it's been ages, since i graduated from art school in U.P. Diliman and last weekend i participated in the show put up by the alumni. the show opened with the oblation dramatically coming to life @ center stage. this model jeremy was a perfect choice for the role; tolentino, the original oblation sculptor would have approved.

"I've never tried wearing a thong, i've turned down BENCH before. i don't know why i actually did this," jeremy told me.

i retorted that there was nothing wrong with it because he wouldn't keep that form forever and this was all for the alma mater.

speaking of my alma mater, i had been looking for some brushes and oil paints for the commissioned mural i'm working on and i chanced upon some discarded sketchpads from the early 80's.
impressionist suede suit, denim jumper with poet shirt, new romantic purple suit

these are some sketches from that era... when i was an idealistic art student who dabbled in fashion design.

high waisted pants, frock coat and pleated shirt.


McBilly said...

Jeremy was in fact the right man for the job! The oblation really did come to life! It really fits him and brings justice to your Alma mater!

The show was simply marvelous and the event was a big success. Congratulations Oj! :)

Anonymous said...

i think the most talked about presence during that event was the oblation. everywhere i go and and everyone i meet who was able to watch the show would defintely ask about the oblation....

it was indeed a great show...


ArchieMD said...

Isn't the fig leaf too big? Nonetheless, it would be an honor to be chosen to pose as the Oble. Sigh.

misha said...

I remember Mike Tagle would get soo jealous of your clothes.

Shok said...

great sketches!!!!!

are there more online?