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ms. piggy, so?

i was in Zamboanga Sibugay for christmas and how rejuvenated was i. old folks were there and so were siblings, nephews and nieces, and even pets. i’ll post a video of a view of Sibugay Province from the capitol and an interesting “pets playing” vid later. i have to do some editing work on them first.


anyway, i’m @ davao city now for the homecoming of Ateneo de Davao University. I’m staying at my high-school-friend’s house in Woodridge and, speaking about pets, guess what greeted me at their gate?


this adorable pup whom the friendly maids called “Piggy.”


weird name for a dog, i thought, but then again she’s kinda cutely fat. perhaps she has already slimmed down from a heavier frame.


i’m loving this adorable dog (a pug/shihtzu) hybrid and missing my sweet dharma (a fawn colored chihuahua) back in cebu. i kept playing with piggy at the couch gleefully calling her by her unusual name oblivious to my host, tonette, who had entered the room and burst out in laughter:


“oj, you’re just like the maids. the dog’s name is Peggy Sue.”


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting peggy's pic oj, hahaha! what a funny story, been asking mom to post the pic of her new dog....peggy sue"...


happy new year!!!!

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