long live olive

i am giriish

painter, writer,
designer, martial artist,

and these are my jottings...

If I

Mang Ben

…were legendary fashion designer Ben Farrales, the featured finale for a group fashion gala and security guards at the backstage entrance will not let me in because I’m not wearing my access card what would I do? Although his temper is as legendary as his designs ”Mang Ben” stayed cool when the guards didn’t recognize him. A young designer who witnessed the incident politely greeted the fashion icon and told the guard who the gentleman was, thus the beloved designer went through the tarpaulin curtains with his dignity intact.

Fusion of The Butterfly Sleeve and Cola (Train)

... were an upscale coffee shop and I invited the local press of Cebu to my opening, I would make sure that all the editors are included in my guest list. I'd also make sure that the receptionist will have the savoir faire not to turn away unlisted guests. At a recent opening, local branch of an international chain of coffee shops committed social relations faux pas by turning away a guest instead of asking her to register her name and put in her contact numbers. The guest turned out to be an editor from a lifestyle glossy, while the receptionist turned out to be clueless.

Suit inspired by the Baju Kebaya

…were greeted by someone familiar whose name I can’t remember how do I get out of such an awkward situation? At a recent gala featuring 100 designers, a Cebuano designer who gained endearment with his gentle ways via a designer’s competition reality show asked all the wrong questions just to get a clue when an extremely friendly young but established Manila designer came up to kiss him. The Manila designer had to reintroduce himself while giggling. “ Ang dami kasi natin,(there’s just too many of us in this show),” the Cebuano designer apologized laughing.