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Taking Joy In The JOYA AWARDS

Caloy Mendoza's winning work.

I managed to catch the last day of the 33rd Joya Awards at the SM Art Center and picked my favorite paintings. Having been a student of this master when I was in college, I was curious to see what an art competition named after him embodies.

Uzi Emperado, one of the finalists personally opened the gallery on its last day to show your art jotter the collection.

Uzi Emperado's self portrait

Created in 1976 mainly with the help of the late National Artist Jose Joya who was then the Dean of the College of Fine Arts in Diliman , The Jose Joya Awards is a commitment to the proliferation of the Fine Arts. The University of the Philippines, Visayas Cebu College (UPVCC) Fine Arts Program was the foremost formal Fine Arts school outside Luzon and was recipient of Joya’s noble efforts. The Jose Joya Awards plays a major role in generating art and culture awareness among Cebuano students and serves as good ground for training young artists on the technicalities of mounting an art exhibition. All winning student-artists receive cash prizes and medals for their achievements while their artworks become property of UPVCC.

The winning work this year is called “Here, The Fountain Flows” by 20 year old, Carlo Mendoza. To this jotter, this mixed media piece captures Cebuano Pop Art beautifully. The artist superimposed digitally manipulated images on a wooden box painted with gradations of light ochre green and the ethereal blue. “If you look beyond the visual and go deeper into the painting’s meaning you’ll get the title. Despite difficulties one has to learn to flow with changes to accomplish great things,” reveals this year’s winner.

The Jose Joya Awards continues to challenge every new set of Fine Arts student leaders and renewed hope for every competitor. Highlighting the significant role of art in our society, it is also where students’ artistic dreams are made and masterpieces are conceived.