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Whenever your style jotter would go through final security check at domestic airports, one would cringe at the thought of inconvenience. Much as I’d love to, I can never get myself to wear flip flops on a plane unless it’s Caticlan bound and since these days, most of my flights are to and from Manila for design work, the only way to go is comfortably and presentably.

The easiest to wear and most comfortable travel shoes I’ve come across thus far are Columbia Sportwear Company’s convertible moccasins from the ZUGO series. The pair I picked is of soft suede in a light tusk color with chili stitching. With its lightness, supple texture, and distinct unusual shape, this pair looked fun, practical, and versatile.

Initially, I wasn’t so sure about the homey form, they’re not exactly the tapered shape that I prefer since my feet are narrow, but once I had them on, I instantly recognized its design ergonomics. Its wideness freely accommodates and makes it so much easier to slip them on and off. The collapsible heel also transforms them into slip-ons and I see its usability when you need to go that far on longer flights.

The Techlite midsole compound is engineered specifically to provide superior comfort and cushioning for outdoor footwear. This durable, impact absorbing material delivers consistent support in a lightweight package that keeps feet protected and snug whether one is spending leisurely time at the beach, on a rigorous weekend on the trail or simply listening to music within the fuselage of an aircraft.

The shoes foot bed has Contour Comfort sock liner, which interacts with the natural contours of the foot bringing up the level of support and ease. The AgION antimicrobial technology, based on silver ions, protects against a broad spectrum of bacteria to keep the foot bed clean and odor free.

Ever since I started travelling in my ZUGO’s, I’ve been breezing through final security checks. For travelling, this pair is probably the best.


Anonymous said...

I like your article about 'LBD'.
And your story about your RR in your friend's Club Serena. I was also relax looking at the photos.More power.