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lull before the...

Gil, designer Arcy Gayatin, Edwin Ao and Cybill

I just had breakfast with my peers at the Heat, EDSA Shangri-la. Had loads of fun with Metro Magazine's editor-in-chief Katrina Holigores and Metro Soceity’s Raul Manzano. How pleasant katrina is and how handsome raul is in the mornings. This was fun time for your blogger, tonight can be chaos.

We were joined by Cebu designers protacio, marichu and ren for more laughs and more fun. There are actually more cebu designers than manila designers showing tonight; 11 to 8 respectively.

Katrina and Raul loved the camaraderie among the participants while we love how they take care of us (unlike some organizers who seemingly think that designers from outside of Manila are second rate)

 Keeping my fingers on my mala beads, I ideate on a successful presentation tonight. Hopefully, all my friends and some of you valued reader will be there to show some love.

...this is the proverbial lull before the storm