long live olive

i am giriish

painter, writer,
designer, martial artist,

and these are my jottings...

hugging dharma

work in progress: fan top for a picky and extremely thin client

i've been caught up with so much work at the atelier. i've been simultaneously doing orders for my female clients and finishing my commissioned painting. one seamstress had been absent for a week thus i had to work on the drape method myself and correct patterns the whole week. and in between that, i've been wielding my brushes to apply glazes on my now-almost-finished painting.

man&divinity, almost done but not quite. this painting needs some more glazing

i've gone back to doing taijiquan (soft style martial arts) every morning to maintain balance on an otherwise chaotic schedule. an hour of focused taiji and fifteen minutes of seated meditation does the trick for me. thus far, i've managed to stay sober and mindful of every task at hand and additionally, somehow, i've always managed to give dharma, my little pup, a hug a day.

a hug a day keeps the little pup happy and gay

i'm working for balance and thus far, i've been able to achieve and maintain a degree of it.


McBilly said...

The work in progress dress already looks great Oj! Can't wait to see you finish it. :)

Talking about balance, I'm glad you are able to consistently maintain a certain degree every single day. I myself need to start considering setting aside time to meditate or at least rest my mind. Great job Oj! :)