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Orley Ypon's Realism

a midday harvest scene

35 year-old Orley Ypon’s bucolic realism is a joy to experience. I chanced upon his exhibit featuring three other Cebuano painters , Ronnie Abayan, Wilfredo Cañete and Felix Carata at the art gallery of The Ayala Museum in Makati the other month.

A self taught artist from Toledo, Cebu. Orley relocated to manila to pursue his love for painting. His remarkable talent first gained recognition in ArtPetron when he won the grand prize for his painting called “Ober-ober” which depicted children playing with their slippers. In ArtPetron 4, he again won with his entry called “Pamaling”.

igorot elder

A favourite piece from his exhibit was a portrait of an “Igorot” elder. In this oeuvre he revealed skill in chiaroscuro. The dark background is thinly painted with burnt umber and black. The red shirt is picked up with meticulous glazing of crimsons and alizarins while impasto is applied to highlight the wrinkles and folds on the beautiful brown skin of the elderly, tobacco-toting woman. The skillful rendering of the headdress adds vibrancy and completes the composition.

Cebuano artist Orley Ypon


Anonymous said...

hi.Thanks for posting a pic of o.ypon.When I met him,I didn't know(I'm a complete ignoramus in the art scene)he was a serious painter and also someone slowly making a name for himself...'til I recently googled him, and chanced upon your website.
You have varied and interesting articles,and you write well.Keep it up!!
"aspiring bodhisattva"..that ROCKS!!

Pnyorker said...

I chanced upon this article after googling "Orley Ypon". I'm very interested on the artist after seeing his name in the International Artist Magazine(December/January 2010 Edition) as the Grand Prize Winner for his entry "The Seeker".
If you have a subscription or are near a bookstore you guys should check him out.
Thanks for the short but well written article about him and hopefully He will live longer to give us more masterpieces to enjoy and be proud off.
M. Panes
Springfield, NJ