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Lloren's Riveting Art Deco Rendering

Jojie Lloren showed impeccable tailoring, mastery of patternmaking and couture technique in his latest presentation for Fashion Watch Quartet at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel’s Lobby Lounge. He was in the best form, giving us a glimpse of his genius.
sculptural shift

His cohesive collection opened with a "blanc et noir" number which set the length, mood and theme of his twenty-five piece collection. This initial offering, a black shift dress in wool crepe with inserted white stripes that formed a V in front and Y at the back, also had a white stiffened flap that traversed the front of the body from the left to right sleeve. This precisely placed detail elevated this simple short dress to sculpture.

Art Deco seams

Consistently, from the first to the last piece Lloren showed short dresses which were geometrically pieced together so that they parallel, if not surpass, the intricacy of the late YSL’s Mondrian shift dresses. Lloren’s dresses were decidedly much more complicated requiring as much as two hundred and fifty pattern pieces to complete and more than forty five hours to assemble.

Lloren with his models

“Paris and New York Art Deco windows and buildings are my inspiration, “said Lloren of his riveting collection. This explained the complicated curvilinear seams and the proclivity for voluminous draping at the back of the dresses which were an elegant allusion to the hunchback Quasimodo of an earlier period.