long live olive

i am giriish

painter, writer,
designer, martial artist,

and these are my jottings...

eating with e

i haven’t written since sunday, my connection isn’t working. Globelines sucks, perhaps I should change to PLDT. I don’t know if that would be for better or worse though, would you?

i’m in manila right now posting this and getting ready to fly back to cebu this afternoon. Thus far, I’ve been quite productive this week. I have been able to finish my orders including the commissioned painting which I will be posting as soon as I get back to cebu… that’s if Globe has already fixed my line.

i have met with several clients yesterday. Ms. nini licaros introduced me to her New York based niece who’s getting married at the grand Cayman. Sounds fab right? But logistically, a major headache since i could only meet and take her measurements personally; the rest of the entourage i would have to design and deal with through the net.

i had lunch with my new friend E. click on his blog my link: Chronicles of E and discover a dark world that will inspire you to focus on every single breath you take. well, at least, that's wat it does to me.

i brought my friend E his favorite picapica or “popcorn” as he calls it which are packs of small danggit dried fish from cebu. We ate and talked and laughed like we we’ve been friends forever and went to an art exhibit where I shared some thoughts on works by such artists as orlina, wilwayco, and so forth… my friend’s favorite painting is an oil oeuvre of two indigent boys wearily hunched down on the ground, apparently after a long day’s work, faces hidden. The deep red hues and burnt umber tones underscores the intensity of this small work.

More tomorrow… my brother just called, I’ve to run off to to see him now before my 3 pm flight.


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